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Wedding cheese cakes…for anyone who prefers a savoury alternative

 Wedding Cheese Cake

Well....it's not a cheesecake! It consists of several cheeses arranged one above the other in the same way that the tiers of a traditional wedding cake are arranged.To make it look like a traditional cake, round cheeses of varying diameters are used.

Some people simply do not like traditional fruit cakes, marzipan, chocolate, icing, or any of the ingredients of a traditional cake. Wedding Cheese Cakes are suitable for anyone who prefer a savoury alternative or who would like a cheese course at their wedding in addition to the usual type of cake....and generally there is no waste. Of course, there is the alternative option of having a fruit/chocolate cake and a selection of cheeses displayed as a traditional cheese board which we can organise as well.

We normally recommend about 100g of cheese per person (3.5oz) which means that if you have 100 guests you will need a 10kg cake and so on. Some guests eat more, some less but as an average our experience of providing cheeseboards for large functions then please allow 100g per person to be sure you have sufficient quantities.

In terms of cost our cakes work out at roughly £2.00 to £3.00 per head; very reasonable when compared to an iced cake or a chocolate cake. If you need to feed 60 guests a suitable cake would cost about £120 - £180, for 80 guests about £160 - £240 etc... Forty guests is about the minimum sized cake so if you have fewer than that we would suggest a nice selection of cheeses. Some customers buy cakes twice the size they need so that the cake looks impressive and they then use the remaining cheese for either the evening function or another cheese meal.

For full details on suggested combinations or to arrange a tasting please contact Steve on: 02920 644888 or email for a PDF fact sheet


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