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Looking for a great way to make your big day stand out from the crowd. Internationally acclaimed conjurer Dorian has an act that will do the trick.

The venue is booked, the menu decided and you’ve even organised table favours for your guests. But if you really want to make your wedding reception an event to remember, there’s one more thing to organise – the entertainment. And we don’t mean the late night disco.
impress your guests

Today’s couples want to make their wedding day special by giving their friends and family a fun experience that they’ll remember forever.

Hiring performers to keep everyone entertained during the reception is a big trend for 2017, and what better act than a close-up magician?

Using original, contemporary tricks and sleight of hand, world-class magician Dorian is guaranteed to be just what your wedding needs to make it a talking point for years to come.

Not only is he enthusiastic, energetic and well versed in the psychology and principles that make magic acts so effective, he’s also performed around the world for clients including celebrities and even members of the Royal Family.

Personalised Performance

Whatever style of wedding you’re planning, Dorian can adapt his act to suit you, mixing and mingling with the guests as a ‘wandering conjurer’ while you’re getting your photos taken (the perfect ice breaker), entertaining them at their tables during the meal, or as part of the after dinner line up or evening festivities. Dorian even has a one man stand up act that would be best suited for smaller weddings where the guests may be gathered around a single table.

Extra Special 

There’s no need for special lighting or equipment and Dorian is so confident he’ll deliver a winning performance that he offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Check out the photos and videos on his website to see dozens of delighted faces from successful events he’s helped make that little bit more special.

Let The Magic Begin

Give Dorian a call, he’s always happy to discuss your individual requirements in order to produce an act that will genuinely thrill you and your guests. With the entertainment element of your wedding sorted, you can sit back and enjoy your big day, knowing your guests are having the time of their lives. Now that’s magic.

For more info Tel: 01792 541 524 or 07812 592 391,
Email: dorian@dorianmagic.com,
Website: www.dorianmagic.com.