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The Brogue Trader

A retailer of fine footwear

At The Brogue Trader we understand that for a true Gentlemen, a well-fitting, long lasting shoe goes without saying.

Made in Great Britain by some of the most skilled craftsmen and from the finest leathers available, these are some of our favourite styles from our collection. This selection of shoes showcases the variety of styles available but is merely a fraction of what there is to offer.

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  • "The Brogue Trader is well worth a visit…or several!"
    At last Cardiff has a sanctuary for gentlemen of discerning taste to choose from quality footwear that sets them apart from the crowd. Chris and his staff provide the perfect balance of relaxed yet attentive service. If you’re looking for something really special or just want the West End experience without paying the train fare, then The Brogue Trader is well worth a visit…or several!
  • "Many thanks to The Brogue Trader!"
    Christian and his team deliver nothing short of exceptional service. Having stumbled across the store in the Morgan Arcade Cardiff, it quickly became one of the highlights of our weekend. His knowledge and consideration for his products and customers leaves little to be desired. I’d encourage anyone with a passion for fine shoes to call-in and say hello – if only all service reflected his attitude! Many thanks to The Brogue Trader, I look forward to my next pair… The Herring Fencote!
  • First Class Customer Service First Class customer service in the Cardiff store from Jon Evans and James Jefferis. Such a great experience from The Brogue Trader team. They are friendly, professional and go out of their way to make your experience a special one. I would certainly recommend The Brogue Trader every time.


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